Why work in Malta?

Why work in Malta?

Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean and it’s actually a country! Let that be the smallest country that’s part of the EU. It’s a very Southern European country, it has it’s negative sides, but boy can you have fun there!
Malta has a great lifestyle and many, many affordable restaurants.

In the coming weeks we will be telling you a bit more about our favorite country Malta and why work in Malta. We will explain what the reason is you would want to work here. Later on you will find a lot serious answers to your questions in our FAQ section.

The Lifestyle

The lifestyle of Malta is one of the reasons so many expats chose to work and live in Malta. Live is being lived outside on the streets, boulevards, parks and beaches. People don’t meet at their house, no, friends and family meet out on the street and in restaurants and bars.

Of course there are downsides and I will name a couple of them here, but they are actually part of the lifestyle and the charm of Malta.

Getting your papers in order

Diving-Why work in Malta?Malta has a lot of bureaucracy and it can take time before you have anything arranged in Malta at the government or at banks, but Maltese love to see you coming. That is why once you have been in an office and they have given you the information on what documents to gather, the next time you are in with these documents, they will give you a new list of what you have missed. This is just a case of customer care, they love to see you coming.
So our advise is before you go to a office or bank, be sure to have checked an application of a friend or colleague. Than you are better prepared and will have to come back less!


If you are thinking of  taking up driving in Malta, please be sure you have your super race license ready. There are many rules on the road, even here in Malta as in every western country. However, somehow, the Maltese seem to forget them once their engine is running. So be sure you have a helicopter view and 360 vision, because they come from everywhere. Even public transport is going like this, however even though they drive like this, the amount of serious accidents is quite low in my opinion. I guess they are used to traffic this way.

More to come

Next time more information about Malta. If you have decided to go for it already, please sign up for your account and apply for your job.