Pantsan RGB Gaming Set 4in1

Color: Black
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  • Light: Rainbow Led Light Effect with 4 Colors 
  • Keyboard Bottoms Type: Circle
  • Port: Wired USB Port
  • Button life: 10 million times
  • Headphone Cable: 2.2 meters
  • Material: ABS raw material
  • Weight: 500g
  • Keycap Type: HD silk screen Keycap 
  • Horn Unit: 50MM horn unit
  • Keyboard Size: 44.5*13*3cm
  • Keyboard Weight: 80g
  • Mouse Size: 123*67*33mm
  • Head sensitivity :-38±3db Process: edge locking
  • Head resistance:219±15%
  • Frequency response range:20Hz-20 kHz   

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