RAF Panel Oil Heater and Clothes Dryer| 2500W | low Noise | Odorless | 3 years warranty

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  • Equipped with wheel supports
  • Does not affect relative air humidity
  • Multi-level protection system for safe use
  • High power of 2500W ensures fast and uniform heating of the room
  • Built-in fan for quick heating of the room
  • Comes with a clothes dryer that attaches directly to the panel
  • Safe case temperature
  • Liquid-filled
  • Initial use may produce a slight odor, which is normal and dissipates over time
  • Step-by-step power adjustment for individual user preferences

Raf R.1177 oil heaters are made from high-quality materials using modern technologies. They provide a high level of coziness and comfort in various settings, including offices, homes, or cottages. The low temperature of heat transfer from the radiator body eliminates the consumption of air oxygen, and the thermal decomposition of organic dust has minimal effect on the relative humidity of the air in the room. The heat received from the radiator is "soft" and comfortable.

Please note that the information provided is a brief description of the Raf R.1177 oil heater and its features.

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